Welcome To The Anger Management
The Anger Management is a band management company with over 24 years of combined experience in record labels, marketing, concert promotion, band management and production. We have the knowledge, experience and a lot of enthusiasm to deliver our services with professional and engaged approach. We work with individuals, bands, and DJs. 

The Anger Management is here for the artist and we are looking for all styles of performers. We represent and work hard for a wide variety of genres including Rock, Metal, Country, Reggae, Folk, R&B, and are currently recruiting new clients. 

The Anger Management will work closely with you and/or music group to help make major decisions regarding the creative and business direction of your music. We help in multiple roles, such as booking agent, promoter and travel arranger. We will be the public face of the band and create and maintain a trusting relationship with You. We can help record your demo or full music project, create a press kit, work with you on your web sites, and help get the word out to your fans about your music or upcoming show.